Excitement loosening the bowels..

One Easter my mate had commandeered his paretns house and proclaimed it a bachelor pad when they fooked off on holiday. ONe night, i took a rotter back there and foreplay commenced. Soon, her pants were round her ankles as she lay on the bed whilst I was administering hand relief. As I was feeling adventurous, i thought I'd see how many fingers I could get up there and lo and behold, 4 went in without any sort of squeeze. She was loving it...soon though, one of my mates burst in to take a photo. She wasn't impressed and dressed herself and left. About an hour later I returned to the room to find a foot long skidmark on the sheets. The point I ask myself everyday..was it that she literally crapped herself when the mate burst in, or was it because she was in the throws of ecstacy, that her bowels loosened...I like to think the latter...

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